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Working towards a more equitable and inclusive culture for all.


It doesn’t seem to matter if you are advocating for yourself or a loved one.

  • There is always so much to think of, to consider, to navigate – it’s hard to know what to do first, what is relevant, what will be helpful… it’s all so mind congesting and time consuming.

  • Always figuring out which supports to engage with and when!

  • All the acronyms start to sound the same. It's can be confusing knowing who to call…

Overwhelmed? I was.

It took me years to become the director in my advocacy and experience my desired outcomes with more ease.

I can coach you through your advocacy journey and you’ll start navigating towards your desired outcomes like a pro. If you are tired of being pulled in all directions? Connect with me about becoming the director.

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Advocacy Coaching

Many people experience obstacles when trying to access healthcare, education, travel and community involvement. Advocating is when you speak up to receive the supports needed to gain access.
90% of the people I connect with say that advocating isn't a choice. They advocate to ensure their health, safety and human rights.
Many of us who advocate can find the work isolating and exhausting due to the constant need to explain why accommodations and supports are required.
I help Advocates gain clarity and confidence so that they can access their required supports and desired outcomes with more ease and confidence.

There are so many things to get done. Obligations are heavy. Expectations are exhausting. You may ask yourself " why am I doing all of this in the first place?" Life starts to feel like a hamster wheel.


Feeling clear, knowing why, confidently expressing YES or NO, comes from self awareness. A life powered in self awareness is one that experiences full scale joys, big wins and true connections. Self Leadership becomes innate when self awareness is present.


Let's get you where you want to be.

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Self Leadership Coaching

Want to feel more ease navigating your life decisions?


Self Leadership starts by becoming aware your thoughts, having your values in focus, managing your bias, and taking action towards your vision or goal. There is always going to be influential noise from friends, family, work, community, culture, expectation, opinions and obligations in your life. But when your decisions come from inside yourself and you act honestly from your own wisdom you feel aligned. I will not promise an easy life but by activating your own self leadership you will become more confident and will navigate life’s decisions with more ease.


Exceptional Coaching Experience! In the course of our coaching sessions, Lexa played a pivotal role in rekindling my sense of purpose. With her guidance, I successfully reestablished control over both my mental and physical well-being by embarking on a journey of incremental progress. Lexa not only encouraged but also challenged me to take small steps, fostering a habit of celebrating each achievement... 

~ K.S. 

 I felt scattered. I have been trying to figure out, am I depressed, grieving or is this just part of ageing? I had a spinal injury and after my third surgery I was told I would never walk again. 

Lexa’s curiosity helped me to categorize my thoughts and decide what was important to me and what was no longer necessary or important at this stage of my life...

~ I.W. 

She helped me figure out how to  go out of my comfort zone to do something I was passionate about in a way I was comfortable in. She didn’t put me under any pressure to answer all the questions and she gave me goals to reach every week to make me think about things in a different way or help motivate me to do things I wasn’t sure I could, and she overall made me feel more confident...

~ E.W. 

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progress Flag. five-colored chevron to the classic Rainbow Flag to place a greater emphasis on “inclusion and progression.” Quasar’s Progress Pride Flag added five arrow-shaped lines to the six-colored Rainbow Flag, which is widely recognized as the symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ+) community.  The flag includes black and brown stripes to represent marginalized LGBTQ+ communities of color, along with the colors pink, light blue and white, which are used on the Transgender Pride Flag.

I am a settler living on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Coast Salish People, including Stó:lō Nation.